how to help someone get their first 100 email subscribers and feel great about it!

Sense this is my first posts on this fresh blog, let’s sum up a few things:

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1.      I have (like almost everyone) some type of ADHD, be brief please!

2.      I have Short term memory loss especially if your intro wasn’t interesting. (see #1)

3.      I am overly confident in my ability to solve a problem. (Not sure if this is right, but damn it looks good with all of these theories, graphs, and sketches to work with!)

4.      I am overly susceptible to criticism and most times I am my own enemy.

5.      I love new things (see #1 & #2) every three weeks or there about, I start something new and exciting!

6.      I love to write, but see #1. I have to keep myself interested. I recently lost interest in my book I’ve been writing in for over 6 years…it hurts to even look at it.

7.      I aspire to be a Philanthropist and help people succeed in any way I can.

8.      I’m constantly learning, studying, & reading from successful people I am interested in. (see #5)

9.       I love motivational videos & quotes, but I think it actually has a conflicting result? I am usually less progressive just merely inspired. See Procrastination

10.   Sometimes I relate to Leonardo da Vinci, he too suffered from symptoms like ADHD and worse, but he was a mad genius! I aspire to do one thing like him one day. Just one great thing.


That felt great, getting that all off of my chest was like doing a max out on squats! (Feel invincible… & sweaty!)


Now on to the real stuff.

Here lately I have been getting back into social media marketing strategies. My wife wants to expand her business, get more unique clients. She wants to stay busy in this slow time of the year.

Me on the other hand, I want her to be less busy and make more money. Isn’t that the goal we are all seeking? More pay and less work. Let’s face it she is a natural artist when it comes to hair and nails! Beauty flows form her like an aura, it’s a natural non aggressive beauty that bestows the same feeling on to you when you walk into that shop on the corner. I’ve seen girls go in there that didn’t have a prayer, but when they leave they look great! You know why? It’s because they feel great!

You can read all the blogs you want, but when you feel great & you don’t “think” about your beauty, you just show confidence, that is when you are beautiful when you get lifted. That lifted spirit follows you around like an aura that you bestow upon your friends and family that you interact with.

You are starting to recollect this feeling now yes? Great how much is that lifted feeling of self-value worth to you. It’s priceless. Simply priceless, when someone of the opposite sex compliments about how you look, because no money can buy you that look you got from your “hater fans” from posting your pictures on social media or that hot date that you just scored! They noticed you. Because you’re different, you’re happy, and you’re confident that you’ve got what it takes to take on anything. Just like this minion!


Minions rock!

Now that you are prepared to take on the world, I have a suggestion first.

Stop procrastinating!

First: establish your three rules of engagement.

1.      Figure out what you want.

If you don’t know right now, just think about it as the day goes along, what would help you out, what would make this day easier & what if… Write all those down on a paper, phone, whatever you have handy. The key to writing down your “wants” is so they imbed in your subconscious mind for later use. You will begin to see a pattern emerge from these things you wrote down.


2.      How you going to get it, or solve it.

Figure out how, when, & where. How are you going to solve this problem?

When are you going to do it? Set a time goal!

Where is a figure of speech in a way of helping you determine what platform you should focus on, if it’s an app, DIY class, or a corner lemonade stand or a new Minecraft mod. Where will I see your want?


3.      Get up off your ass!

You are a doer now! You are not a procrastinator anymore you have that can do spirit remember the minion of steel! Now is the time where you get off your ass and go do something to define that goal so that your friends and family will see you working on something your passionate about.


What are my three rules?

1.      What; to help someone get their first 100 email subscribers for their want.

2.      How, when, where; by using Noah Kagen’s resources here. When; I’m ready to start when you are. Where; at your business.

3.      Get up off your ass and get your first win of the day! Click the link and read the DIY blog post, or email me and I’ll help you get set up for success!

The Conclusion

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Now you have something to work with. You can take that article and use it as a DIY, or you can hire me as your marketing strategist to help you do this for your business. Either way you’re getting great content, and basically giving your business a spa day makeover.

How you ask?

Think about it, remember how you feel when you come out of the salon? It’s a lifted & good feeling. You know you’re hot and so do people that see you.

Treat your business as a person, upkeep and maintenance are key components for your business exposure, then follow up with customer feedback and then you have a rounded yourself out a sense of holy grail, the business is perfect on all sides.


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